How Christmassy Are You Quiz

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The festive spirit takes you high on planning the day, gifts, clothes, food, and decorations, etc. When it is Christmas there are more than these fun activities. Most people will identify with it, yet, many think it as an unnecessary fuss. Do you like to get drenched in the holy spirit of Christmas? This short fun quiz anticipates the soulfulness of the season and answers how Christmassy is you in a few minutes.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your age group?

A. 5-10 years

B. 11-15 year

C. 16-20 yeas

D. More than 21 years

2. How do you like to shop for Christmas gifts?

A. Very much

B. Little

C. Not at all

D. Somewhat

3. Do you drive around to find the best decoration for the Christmas tree?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Often

D. Sometimes

4. What is the best part of Christmas?

A. Singing carols

B. Santa Claus & gifts

C. Decorating Christmas tree

D. Everything

5. What does “Noel” springs up in mind?

A. A popular name

B. The guy from Oasis

C. There is an accent missing

D. That bloke off deal or no deal

6. How are you planning to light up your Christmas tree, what is it like?

A. More lights to make my house visible even from space

B. Light up with some fairy lights only

C. I don’t see any need to illuminate just to take it down after a couple of weeks

D. Few lights on it spread the Christmas spirit

7. Do you like to sing carols, wear jingle bells, and carry around mistletoe?

A. It is fun

B. I don’t like

C. Yes, this is the true Christmas holiday spirit

D. A sort of

8. Summer holiday or Christmas holiday, which one do you like?

A. Summer holiday

B. Christmas holiday

C. Both of the above

D. None of the above

9. How many Christmas clothing do you have?

A. 2-3 sweatshirts

B. One jumper

C. Too many to count!

D. None

10. When did you finish Christmas shopping?

A. Middle of December

B. I shop till Christmas Eve

C. First week of December

D. End of November


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