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Quiz: What Do I Want For Christmas 2020?

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Festivals always bring a sense of joy and happiness in the family. It is fun to see what you expect as a holiday gift. From young ones to old ones all are excited about the festival. People exchange greetings and gifts on festivals. Some have a long list of gifts they want while others are still thinking over. So, what do you want on Christmas? Take the entertaining quiz.

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1. What are you demanding from your parents for long?

52706 Barbie doll
52707 Chocolate
52708 Diamond ring
52709 Trip to Disneyland

2. Which dessert would you like to eat on Christmas?

52710 Chocolate truffles
52711 Tiramisu
52712 Caramel custard
52713 Pancakes with maple syrup

3. Which is your favorite mobile company?

52714 Samsung
52715 Apple
52716 Nokia
52717 Mi

4. Which type of person are you?

52718 Angry
52719 Creative
52720 Greedy
52721 Fun-loving

5. If you get a chance to meet a famous personality on Christmas, then you would like to meet?

52722 Amitabh Bachchan
52723 Hilary Clinton
52724 Bill Gates
52725 Salman khan

6. Which is your favorite sport?

52726 Football
52727 Cricket
52728 Volleyball
52729 Table tennis

7. On Christmas, you will spend time with whom?

52730 With parents
52731 With friends
52732 Myself
52733 Girlfriend

8. How many cards did you get on Christmas?

52734 2
52735 5
52736 7
52737 None of the above

9. Where would you like to visit on Christmas?

52738 America
52739 Switzerland
52740 Germany
52741 Italy

10. What is your favorite pass time?

52742 Playing cricket
52743 Singing
52744 Dancing
52745 Reading
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