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What Computer Should I Buy Quiz

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Technology is super power in today’s time. It is amazing to see how fast it has covered a long way to make human life easy. Can you imagine your day without a cellphone or do calculations without calculator? I believe your answer is NO! Now we cannot imagine our life without the advancement caused by science and technology. One such advancement is Computer. We have been using it for the past few decades. It has made our work easier. Here is an quiz on what computer should you buy?

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1. Which among the following is the best computer brand?

52794 Apple
52795 HP
52796 Lenovo
52797 Samsung

2. What is your budget for buying a new computer?

52798 Less than 30,000
52799 30,000 - 50,000
52800 50,000 - 70,000
52801 More than 70,000

3. For what work you need to buy a computer?

52802 Student work
52803 Research work
52804 Gaming
52805 Business

4. Which type of computer system you would like to buy?

52806 Wireless computer
52807 Big screen computer
52808 Speed computer
52809 Others

5. Which of the following do you enjoy more on the computer?

52814 Movie
52815 Gaming
52816 Chat
52817 Shopping

6. Where have you seen a computer for the very first time?

52818 Cybercafe
52819 Relative
52820 Company
52821 Others

7. What according to you is the best feature of a computer?

52822 Speed
52823 Accuracy
52824 Storage capacity
52825 Diligence

8. When did you bought your first computer?

52826 Before 2005
52827 2005-2010
52828 2010-2015
52829 After 2015
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