Quiz: What College Should I Go To?

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After the completion of school selection of college where one decides to go plays a major role in his/her life in future. Selection of college depends over various factors including one's interest, criteria for college selection, percentile, budget, location as well as environment etc.

Questions Excerpt

1. What role does a school played to you in your life?

A. Fun

B. Responsibilty

C. Burden

D. Path towards goals

2. What can be considered as your weakness or demerit among following:

A. Unpunctuality

B. Irregularity

C. Illness

D. Stress

3. Which among the following describe best way of your study/

A. Group Study

B. Log Term study

C. Short Time Study

D. A night before study

4. Which is the best climate that suits you most?

A. Hot & sunny

B. Cold

C. Mild

D. No major effect of climate

5. If you are asked for the preference in United States , where would you like to go:

A. North

B. South

C. East

D. West

6. Do you have any interest in the sports college?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Iterest in sports but not in participating in sports

7. Considering you are in some stress what is the best remedy you opt to cope up with the stress?

A. Fooding

B. Net Surfing

C. Hangout with friends

D. Study

8. What opinion do you have respective of the importance of sports?

A. Agree,its important

B. Disagree,Not so important

C. Sometimes

D. Differ from person to person

9. What type of classes are best that drive your attention?

A. Experimental Classes

B. Lectures

C. Class with limited students

D. Short duration classes

10. If you are free for a day or two how would you love to spend your free time?

A. Study

B. Party

C. Completing your pending work

D. Travel


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