Quiz: What Am I Passionate About?

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Passion is an immense feeling that leads to ambitions. It is absolute fun to find your attractions, emotions, and passion. Do you feel contended in reading or playing or outdoor activity? Are you true to yourself? Do you usually daydream and try to find the right path towards your true passion in life? Take this quiz to identify which passion instore core values for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which task would make you more satisfied?

A. Brainstorming with creative think tanks

B. Attending a motivational seminar

C. Spending time in gym

D. Having more sleep

2. If given a chance to go back what course do you want to learn?

A. Management

B. Marketing

C. Creative

D. Caring

3. What is the most rewarding about your career?

A. I am learning and continously growing

B. It gives opportunity to explore my creativity

C. It gave me some best friends

D. So many things to boast of

4. What is most important for you in life?

A. Be kind to others

B. Always ready to extend a helping hand to the needy

C. Enjoy the beauties of the world

D. Keep on learning

5. What will be my ideal career?

A. Creates meaningful connection with like-minded people

B. To explore variety passions simultaneously

C. That has no limits

D. Gives freedom to be my own boss

6. How would you find me in a work meeting?

A. Daydreaming

B. Sharing innovative ideas

C. Quiet and taking notes

D. Motivating the team

7. What do you find me often talking about?

A. Latest movie

B. Favorite TV show

C. Politics

D. An art exhibition you recently visited

8. With which celebrity would you like to go on a dinner?

A. Bob Ross

B. Venus Williams

C. Shakira

D. Steve Irwin

9. What did you want to become as a kid?

A. Doctor

B. Scientist

C. Player

D. Painter

10. What are you good at?

A. Gardening

B. Interior decoration

C. Helping others

D. Arts & Crafts

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