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Quiz: What Am I Passionate About?

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Questions & Options

1. Which task would make you more satisfied?

52042 Brainstorming with creative think tanks
52043 Attending a motivational seminar
52044 Spending time in gym
52045 Having more sleep

2. If given a chance to go back what course do you want to learn?

52046 Management
52047 Marketing
52048 Creative
52049 Caring

3. What is the most rewarding about your career?

52050 I am learning and continously growing
52051 It gives opportunity to explore my creativity
52052 It gave me some best friends
52053 So many things to boast of

4. What is most important for you in life?

52054 Be kind to others
52055 Always ready to extend a helping hand to the needy
52056 Enjoy the beauties of the world
52057 Keep on learning

5. What will be my ideal career?

52058 Creates meaningful connection with like-minded people
52059 To explore variety passions simultaneously
52060 That has no limits
52061 Gives freedom to be my own boss

6. How would you find me in a work meeting?

52062 Daydreaming
52063 Sharing innovative ideas
52064 Quiet and taking notes
52065 Motivating the team

7. What do you find me often talking about?

52066 Latest movie
52067 Favorite TV show
52068 Politics
52069 An art exhibition you recently visited

8. With which celebrity would you like to go on a dinner?

52070 Bob Ross
52071 Venus Williams
52072 Shakira
52073 Steve Irwin

9. What did you want to become as a kid?

52074 Doctor
52075 Scientist
52076 Player
52077 Painter

10. What are you good at?

52078 Gardening
52079 Interior decoration
52080 Helping others
52081 Arts & Crafts
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