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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Tiger Woods! How Much You Know About Tiger Woods?

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Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods, the sports player who is praised by all as his play is a dream to watch. Professionally and famously known as Tiger Woods is a very talented and a very amazing American professional golf player who is as amazing as his game. He is an inspiration to millions of people since his journey is very amazing that can motivate all the lazy people out there who still think whether sports can help in changing their lives. Here we represent a very interesting, tricky yet amazing trivia quiz just to test whether how much you know about the very talented player Tiger Woods who is an inspiration and aspiration player!

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1. What is the birthdate of Tiger Woods?

40059 6 February 1967
40060 30 December 1975
40061 1 July 1976
40062 16 January 1965

2. What is the favorite color of Tiger Woods?

40063 Green
40064 Brown
40065 Grey
40066 Black

3. What is the lucky number of Tiger Woods?

40067 3
40068 5
40069 7
40070 9

4. What position did Tiger Woods has in men's major championships?

40071 1
40072 2
40073 3
40074 4

5. What is the net worth of Tiger Woods?

40075 $2 million
40076 $19 million
40077 $23 million
40078 $9 million

6. What was the name of Tiger wood's wife?

40079 Lisa Haydon
40080 Rhea Seth
40081 Christina Ray
40082 Elin Nordegren

7. What is the favorite food of Tiger Woods?

40083 Sea Food
40084 Diet Food
40085 Continental Food
40086 Italian Food

8. How many European Tour wins does Tiger Woods have?

40087 38
40088 39
40089 40
40090 41

9. How much does Tiger Woods make a year from Nike?

40091 $1 million
40092 $2.7 million
40093 $0.6 million
40094 $1.3 million

10. Who is the most rumored girlfriend of Tiger Woods?

40095 Emilia Hert
40096 Christina Ray
40097 Rhea Seth
40098 Erica Herman

11. What clubs golfs does Tiger Woods use?

40099 TaylorMade
40100 Hailer
40101 RayZ
40102 Jay m

12. What is the favorite timpeass of Tiger Woods?

40103 Singing
40104 Dancing
40105 Playing
40106 None of the above

13. How much does Tiger Woods make for winning the Masters?

40107 $4 million
40108 $3 million
40109 $1 million
40110 $2 million

14. How many children does Tiger Woods has?

40111 1
40112 2
40113 3
40114 4

15. How many professional wins does Tiger Woods has?

40115 102
40116 104
40117 106
40118 108
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