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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Roger Federer

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Sports is one of the craziest thing as believed by thousands of people. Since the craze of sports has risen recently and people have started indulging themselves much in the sports and also advising their relatives, friends as well as their colleagues. We might have heard of several sports persons that have created history in their respective sports and also created their best image on the hearts of their fans. One such amazing sports person is Roger Federer who is a very amazing and a very talented tennis player. Let us now have a look at the very amazing and very interesting trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about the star player!

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1. What is the birthdate of Roger Federer?

51038 12 September 1967
51039 8 August 1981
51040 6 February 1986
51041 18 July 1987

2. What is the favorite color of Roger Federer?

51042 Blue
51043 Red
51044 Voilet
51045 Black

3. What is the favorite food of Roger Federer?

51046 Chinese
51047 Continental
51048 Sea
51049 Diet

4. How many grand slam titles have been won by Roger Federer?

51050 14
51051 45
51052 9
51053 20

5. What is the overall world ranking of Roger Federer?

51054 1
51055 2
51056 3
51057 4

6. What is the favorite hobby of Roger Federer?

51058 Reading
51059 Writing
51060 Playing
51061 None of the above

7. What is the main countryland of Roger Federer?

51062 Ireland
51063 America
51064 Switzerland
51065 Amsterdam

8. What is the nationality of Roger Federer?

51066 African
51067 American
51068 Swiss
51069 Indian

9. What is the style of Roger Federer?

51070 Right handed
51071 Left handed
51072 Both (a)&(b)
51073 None of the above

10. What is the favorite show of Roger Federer?

51075 Game Of Thrones
51076 How I met Your Mother?
51077 Stranger Things

11. What is the networth of Roger Federer?

51078 $100 million
51079 $120 million
51080 $389 million
51081 $214 million

12. Apart from tennis, what is one of the favorite games of Roger Federer?

51082 Football
51083 Badminton
51084 Cricket
51085 Volleyball

13. Who is one of the favorite cricket players of Roger Federer?

51086 Rohit Sharma
51087 Ben Stokes
51088 Sachin Tendulkar
51089 Virat Kohli

14. When did Roger Fedeerer turned pro in his game?

51090 1989
51091 1998
51092 2000
51093 1996

15. What is the name of wife of Roger Federer?

51094 Mirka
51095 Erica
51096 Emilia
51097 Catherine
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