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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Adam Sandler! How Much You Know About Adam Sandler?

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Adam Richard Sandler, the name every girl is a big fan of as he is the charm of Hollywood. He is one of the very handsome person of Hollywood who is very amazing when it comes to his skills. Professionally known as Adam Sandler, is a very talented and a very amazing actor. Not just an actor Adam Sandler is also a very amazing comedian, screenwriter, film producer, and musician. The multi talented actor is known for his skills and his commendable acting talents as he is known as one of the best actors Hollywood has. Let us now have a look at the very amazing and very interesting trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about Adam Sandler!

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1. What is the birthdate of Adam sandler?

39455 6 February 1956
39456 16 January 1987
39457 9 September 1966
39458 10 April 1945

2. What is the favorite color of Adam Sandler?

39459 Blue
39460 Pink
39461 Red
39462 Green

3. How many children does Adam Sandler has?

39463 1
39464 2
39465 3
39466 4

4. What is the height of Adam Sandler?

39467 1.77 meters
39468 1.68 meters
39469 1.89 meters
39470 1.56 meters

5. How much has all the films of Adam Sandler grossed?

39471 $3 million
39472 $4 million
39473 $1 million
39474 $2 million

6. What is the name of wife of Adam Sandler?

39475 Rhea Sandler
39476 Lisa Sandler
39477 Jackie Sandler
39478 Emilia Sandler

7. What is the name of the show in which Adam Sandler casted?

39479 Saturday Night Live
39481 Big Bang Theory
39482 Game Of Thrones

8. When did Adam Sandler started his career?

39531 1990
39532 1998
39533 1956
39534 1987

9. What is the net worth of Adam Sandler?

39535 $420 million
39536 $236 million
39537 $189 million
39538 $78 million

10. What is the favorite time pass of Adam Sandler?

39539 Dancing
39540 Palying
39541 Writing
39542 Singing

11. What is the favorite food of Adam Sandler?

39543 Chinese
39544 Continental
39545 Italian
39546 Spanish

12. What is the favorite sports of Adam Sandler?

39547 Cricket
39548 Tennis
39549 Badminton
39550 Football

13. What is the favorite movie of Adam Sandler?

39551 Grey
39552 Men in black
39553 Avengers
39554 Titanic

14. What is the father's name of Adam Sandler?

39555 Stanley
39556 Jack
39557 Tom
39558 Harry

15. What is the nationality of Adam Sandler?

39559 American
39560 Canadian
39561 French
39562 Indian
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