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Ultimate English Trivia Quiz On Sentence Improvement

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Questions & Options

1. He plays cricket and tennis "also".

73492 Both
73493 Besides
73494 Too
73495 No improvement

2. I am used to "hard work".

73496 Hard working
73497 Work hard
73498 Work hardly
73499 No improvement

3. Practically "every part" of the banana tree is used by man.

73500 Most part
73501 Any part
73502 Each part
73503 No improvement

4. "No sooner I saw" the tiger than I run away.

73504 No sooner I had seen
73505 No sooner did I see
73506 As soon as I saw
73507 No improvement

5. The "need" of the hour was some fast action on the part of the leaders.

73508 Needed
73509 Needing
73510 Needs
73511 No improvement

6. Shakespeare lived "for" the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I.

73512 In
73513 Since
73514 During
73515 No improvement

7. The teacher asked the intruder "who was he and why was he" occupying chair.

73516 Who he was and why he was
73517 Who he was and why was he
73518 Who he had been and why he had been
73519 No improvement

8. Bad habits must be "nipped at the bud".

73520 Nipped off the bud
73521 Nipped in the bud
73522 Nipped on the bud
73523 No improvement

9. Old habits "die hardly".

73524 Die much hardly
73525 Die too hard
73526 Die hard
73527 No improvement

10. The problems of translation "are still remain".

73528 Are remain
73529 Will remained
73530 Will still remain
73531 No improvement
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