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Quiz: What Truck Should I Buy?

Let’s start the quiz

Trucks are strong and sturdy. They can carry a lot of loads and make the efforts of human beings easier. They help with easy transportation. So, it has an amazing character to compare with human personality. Have you wondered these two are comparable even? If you want to know what truck you should buy, steep the fun in and take up this interesting quiz.

Let’s start the quiz

1. What is your occupation?

121796 Teacher
121797 Lawyer
121798 Navy
121799 Don't want to answer

2. What is the need for a truck in your life?

121800 To carry heavy loads
121801 For future use
121802 Just for fun
121803 None of the above

3. What is your economical position?

121804 Wealthy
121805 Average
121806 Poor
121807 Don't want to answer

4. Do you have future business plans?

121808 Yes
121809 No
121810 May be
121811 Didn't think about that

5. What do you seek in transportation?

121812 Comfort
121813 Luxury
121814 Need
121815 Durability

6. Do you have preferences for any particular brand?

121816 Yes
121817 No
121818 Maybe
121819 Depends on the brand

7. What do you expect from a truck?

121820 Safety
121821 Durability
121822 Enhanced navigation
121823 Easy to drive

8. Do you think looks matter in trucks?

121824 Yes, of course
121825 No, not at all
121826 Looks should be presentable
121827 None of the above

9. What is the location of your work?

121828 Mostly outdoors
121829 Mostly indoors
121830 Depends on the situation
121831 None of the above

10. Do you prefer driving?

121832 Yes, very much
121833 No, I can't drive
121834 Depends on the situation
121835 I don't like driving
Let’s start the quiz

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