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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About Noun

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1. The noun that does not have physical existence and cannot be touched or seen is called as:

148017 Collective Noun
148018 Mass Noun
148019 Abstract Noun
148020 Proper Noun

2. Name the noun which is physically existing and can be perceived by any of the five senses

148021 Collective Noun
148022 Concrete Noun
148023 Abstract Noun
148024 Common Noun

3. The name of person, place, or thing, in general, can be called as:

148025 Common Noun
148026 Mass Noun
148027 Proper Noun
148028 Collective Noun

4. Dipti bought Himani a new dress. Himani can be termed as what in the given sentence.

148029 Indirect Object
148030 Subject
148031 Subjective Compliment
148032 Object

5. What is Plural of Alto?

148033 Altos
148034 Altoes
148035 Alto's
148036 Altoss

6. The name of a particular and specific person, place, or thing is known to be as:

148037 Abstract Noun
148038 Proper Noun
148039 Collective Noun
148040 Common Noun

7. Which noun is represented when a group or class is considered as one?

148041 Mass Noun
148042 Collective Noun
148043 Abstract Noun
148044 Concrete Noun

8. Mr. Sharma works for Microsft, Mr. Sharma is used as what in the given sentence?

148045 Object
148046 Subject
148047 Noun
148048 Proper Noun

9. Which noun is used to denote an object?

148049 Common Gender
148050 Feminine Gender
148051 Neuter Gender
148052 None

10. Goose, what is its plural?

148053 Gooses
148054 Geese
148055 Geeses
148056 Goose's

11. Which of the following describes the noun who is Male (Father/Uncle/Brother)?

148057 Common Gender
148058 Feminine Gender
148059 Masculine Gender
148060 None

12. An object or material which can be counted rather can be measured with the help of quantifier or counter, such noun are known as:

148061 Abstract Noun
148062 Mass Noun
148063 Proper Noun
148064 Concrete Noun
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