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Common Errors in English Grammar Online Quiz

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1. Adam ordered her servant (A)/ to bring her some (B)/ hot water as she has (C)/ to take some medicine. (D)/ No error (E)

83081 A
83082 B
83083 C
83084 D

2. Instead of going to America (A)/ he want to Australia (B)/ and stays (C)/ there for two months. (D)/ No error (E)

83085 A
83086 B
83087 C
83088 E

3. Abbas asked me (A)/ what could she do (B)/ for me in that (C)/ critical situation (D)/ No error (E)

83089 A
83090 B
83091 C
83092 D

4. When Abeje said (A)/ that he was coming to see (B)/ me the next day, I wondered (C)/ what problems she will being (D)/ No error (E)

83093 A
83094 B
83095 D
83096 E

5. Clevon said apologetically (A)/ that "I am not feeling (B)/ well and so I cannot (C)/go with your today."(D)/ No error (E)

83097 A
83098 B
83099 C
83100 D

6. The hermit prayed (A)/ that God might (B)/ help me in (C)/ my mission (D)/ No error (E)

83101 A
83102 C
83103 D
83104 E

7. She requested her companion (A)/ to wait for her (B)/ until she (C)/ comes back. (D)/ No error (E)

83105 A
83106 B
83107 C
83108 D

8. Elon exclaimed (A)/ with delight that (B)/ they have won the match (C)/ by four wickets. (D) No error (E)

83109 A
83110 C
83111 D
83112 E

9. The teacher to the student (A)/ that a vegetarian (B)/ is a person who (C)/ never eats meat.(D)/ No error (E)

83113 A
83114 C
83115 D
83116 E

10. I thought that he (A)/ would come and give (B)/ me the latest information (C)/ about the patient (D)/ No error (E)

83117 E
83118 B
83119 C
83120 D
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