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Test Your Knowledge About Chromosomes And Genes Trivia Quiz

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Chromosomes means colored body. It was observed by Hofstadter in pollen moth cells of tradeswoman and was named by Waldemar. On the basis of number of kinetochore there are five types of chromosome ; Monocentric which has single centromere, Dicentic which has two centomere, Polycentric which has many centromere, Acentric is the freshly broken segment of chromosome which do not survive for long and Holocentic is the indistinct centromer diffused throughout the length of chromosome. On the basis of position of kineochore there are four types of chromosome : Metacntric - centromore is in centre, Submetacentric - Centromere near the cente, Afrocentric _ sub-terminal centromere and telecentric - terminal cntromer.

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1. Which one possesses prochromosome with a single molecule of DNA or RNA?

31266 Viruses
31267 Bactria
31268 Eukaryotes
31269 None of these

2. When plasmid integrates with the nucleoid for replication it is called.....

31270 Prochoromosome
31271 Episome
31272 DNA
31273 RNA

3. Sex chromosome that determines the sex of an individual in unisexual organisms is called....

31274 sexual chromosome
31275 Episome
31276 Allosome
31277 None of these

4. Chromosomes are covered by a sheath called .....

31278 Matrix
31279 Protein
31280 Vitamin
31281 Pellicle

5. DNA enclosed in a chromosome is called .....

31282 Chromonemata
31283 Episome
31284 Allosome
31285 Plectonemic

6. What is the percentage of DNA in the eukaryotic chromosome?

31286 80%
31287 70%
31288 60%
31289 40%

7. What is the percentage of histonic protein in a eukaryotic chromosome?

31290 50%
31291 60%
31292 70%
31293 80%

8. How many types of the giant chromosomes?

31294 5
31295 4
31296 3
31297 2

9. Light and dark bands of chromosomes reveal.....

31298 Breaks in DNA
31299 Histonic and non histonic proteins
31300 RNA and DNA contents
31301 Inactive and active genes

10. Prochromosomes in bacteria is ......

31302 Always cicular
31303 Always linear
31304 Circular or linear
31305 Initially linear but later on circular

11. In which phase chromosomes can be easily observed?

31306 Prophase
31307 Metaphase
31308 Anaphase
31309 Telophase

12. Who discovered the polytene chromosome?

31310 Flemming
31311 Balbiani
31312 Farmer
31313 Punnet

13. The average number of genes present in man is about......

31314 300
31315 30000
31316 3000
31317 1000

14. Which one is the largest-sized chromosome?

31318 Lampbrush
31319 Polytene
31320 X-chromosome
31321 Y-chromosome

15. Polytene chromosomes are attached at one point called......

31322 Chromomere
31323 Chromocenter
31324 Chromatid
31325 Chromophore
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