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Trivia Quiz About Force And Types of Force

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The force on an object switches apropos to its mass and weight and size because the force has both magnitude and direction. It is a vector quantity. It shows the force due to its quantity. That it is also focused on a single point. Science says that force is a process of pulling and pushing, which changes its velocity according to its weight. Whenever an object is stopped or any object is moving on the road, it keeps moving straight till it does not move and does not stop until an external force is applied to it. Is the factor that changes the position of the object. Force equilibrium occurs when the resultant force acting on a point particle is zero (that is, the vector sum of all forces is zero). When dealing with an extended body, it is also necessary that the net torque be zero. Take this ultimate trivia quiz about Force.

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1. Complete the formula , Force = Mass * ______________.

36103 Acceleration
36104 Velocity
36105 Weight
36106 Temperature

2. Which type of force is caused by a large body like the planet Earth?

36107 Tension
36108 Gravity
36109 Friction
36110 Nuclear

3. A force can cause an object to ______________.

36111 Accelerate
36112 Remain in place
36113 Change shape
36114 All of above

4. Which type of force is exerted by an object trying to return to its natural length?

36115 Gravity
36116 Nuclear
36117 Elastic
36118 Tension

5. An object with a mass of 3 kg is accelerating at 2 m / s 2. What is the net force on the object?

36119 3 N
36120 6 N
36121 9 N
36122 0 N

6. The force that always acts opposite to the direction of the motion of an object is called.

36123 Gravity
36124 Fraction
36125 Inertia
36126 Moment of inertia

7. If an object is on a sloped surface of 45 degrees, in which direction is the normal force?

36127 Straight up
36128 Straight down
36129 Parallel to the surface
36130 Perpendicular to the surface

8. Which of these would not be considered an applied force?

36131 Energy
36132 Pushing a chair
36133 Pulling a string
36134 None of these

9. Balanced forces act on objects that are ___________.

36135 Stationary
36136 In motion
36137 Rising or falling
36138 All of above

10. Forces can change the.......

36139 Slow down or speed up objects only
36140 Speed,direction or shape of an object
36141 Movement of objects but only if they were already in motion
36142 None of these

11. What is the dimensional formula of force?

36143 MLT^-1
36144 MLT^-2
36145 MLT^-3
36146 MLT^ 2

12. A Newton is the international unit of measure for force. One newton is equal to....

36147 10 kilogram meter per second squared
36148 1 kilogram meter per second squared
36149 64 kilogram meter per second squared
36150 100 kilogram meter per second squared
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