Trivia Quiz about Fibre to Fabric for Grade 6th Student

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The cloth is one of the basic need of every human being. In the market, we found varieties of clothes or fabrics like cotton clothes, woollen clothes etc. We use fabrics in many other places like we use nylon rope, jute bag etc. Some of these made from natural fibres and some are from synthetic fibres. Fibres are those fibres which we get from plants and animals and man-made fibres are synthetic fibres. Examples of natural fibres are cotton, jute, silk, wool etc. and example of synthetic fibres are nylon, polyester and acrylic. So take this quiz and increase your knowledge about fibre to fabric.

Questions Excerpt

1. Removing of seed from cotton is called...

A. Spinning

B. Ginning

C. Weaving

D. Knitting

2. Which one of the following is the first man-made fibre?

A. Polyester

B. Acrylic

C. Nylon

D. None of these

3. Which condition is suitable for cotton plants?

A. Black soil and warm climate

B. Sandy soil and warm climate

C. Black soil and cold climate

D. Sandy soil and cool climate

4. What is the size of the fruit of the cotton plant?

A. Watermelon

B. Guava

C. Grapes

D. Lemon

5. The fruit of cotton plant is called...

A. Cotton fibre

B. Cotton seed

C. Cotton bolls

D. All of these

6. The best cultivating season for jute is...

A. During summer reason

B. During rainy season

C. During winter season

D. All seasons

7. Process of making yarn from the fibre is called...

A. Combing

B. Ginning

C. Spinning

D. Weaving

8. The process of arranging two sets of yarn together is called...

A. Knitting

B. Weaving

C. Spinning

D. Ginning

9. Which part of the jute plant is used to obtain jute fibre?

A. Stem

B. Root

C. Fruit

D. Flower

10. Which one of the following is the second most widely used fibre after cotton?

A. Silk

B. Polyester

C. Nylon

D. Jute

11. Which device was popularised by Mahatma Gandhi?

A. Needle

B. Machine

C. Charkha

D. Looms

12. We use woolen clothes in Winter because...

A. Wool is a good conductor of heat

B. Wool is a bad conductor of heat

C. Wool is soft and fluffy

D. Wool is cheap

13. Fibres obtained from animals are made up of...

A. Carbohydrate

B. Cellulose

C. Vitamins

D. Proteins

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