Math Quiz for 3rd Grade

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Maths is that one subject in our lives that holds the power to either break us. For some people, maths is like a cakewalk, but for some, it is as hard as it could be! Remember, when we used to be in third grade? We all surely have had troubles yet have fun with maths. It has always been a straightforward subject for all of us! Toppers surely never had problems but by this grade, some of us have surely started to hate maths. But no doubt, whenever we see such problems we tend to enjoy them as they were not as hard as we could see. Want to relive those grades and sums? Then gear up yourself for this superb trivia quiz in which we bring to you some challenging questions of maths from third grade.

Questions Excerpt

1. The value of 8+2 is

A. 12

B. 6

C. 8

D. 10

2. Rita writes 709*____ = 0. What is the value of ____?

A. 1/709

B. 709

C. 0

D. 7090

3. The value of 420 - ____= 20. The value of ___ is

A. 350

B. 400

C. 370

D. 200

4. Shreya was reading a book of 240 pages. She read 120 pages. How many are left?

A. 120

B. 100

C. 34

D. 67

5. What is the value of 60/20?

A. 9

B. 2

C. 7

D. 3

6. How do you write 607 in words?

A. Six Thousand Five

B. Six Zero Seven

C. Six Hundred Seven

D. Seventy Seven

7. Choose the missing number in the series: 2340, 2440,______, 2640, 2740?

A. 2840

B. 2540

C. 2400

D. 3040

8. Choose the right option?

A. 500>300

B. 250<100

C. 9=3

D. 200-100=300

9. Bhavay wrote 90-30= 20+ #. What is the value of #?

A. 23

B. 39

C. 44

D. 40

10. Choose the right ascending order?

A. 90,67,45,23

B. 45,23,67,90

C. 23, 45, 67,90

D. 67,23,90,45


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