Trivia Quiz On Management for 12th Grade Students

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Management refers to the process (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling) of getting things done with the aim of achieving already predetermined goals effectively (completing tasks on time) and efficiently (completing tasks at low cost). Management consists of five basic steps that are planning (thinking in advance what to do, when to do and who is going to do), organizing (deciding the framework of working) staffing (recruitment, selection, training, development, and appointment of the employees.) directing (guiding, instructing, inspiring and the motivating the employees) and controlling (monitoring the organizational performance towards the attainment of the organizational goals).

Questions Excerpt

1. Effectiveness focus on _____

A. Minimum cost

B. Minimum time

C. Both minimum cost and time

D. None of the above

2. ____nature of management suggest management is common to all organization whether economic, social or private.

A. Goal oriented process

B. Group activity

C. Pervasive

D. Multidimensional

3. Which the following is the social objective of management?

A. Growth

B. Peer recognition

C. Profitability

D. Environment friendly method of production

4. _____level of management formulates the policy and strategy.

A. Top level management

B. Middle level management

C. Operational level

D. Individual contributors

5. Which of the following statement is not correct?

A. Management is group activity

B. Management is multi-dimensional

C. Management is pervasive

D. Management is rigid process

6. Cooperation is __

A. Personal objective

B. Social objective

C. Essence of management

D. Nature of management

7. Management is multidimensional because it has __ dimension.

A. Five

B. Four

C. Three

D. Two

8. ______________characteristics of management that it cannot be seen but its presence can be felt.

A. Dynamic

B. Pervasive

C. Group activity

D. Intangible

9. _________ refers to skillful and personal application of existing knowledge acquired through study observation and experience.

A. Management as an art

B. Management science

C. Management as profession

D. None of the above

10. Which of the following is not important for coordination?

A. Growth in the size

B. Functional

C. Specialization

D. Development of society


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