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The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz: Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. What do you day-dream about?

150130 Being rich
150131 Food
150132 Guns
150133 Nothing

2. What animal do you like the most out of these?

150134 Horse
150135 Lion
150136 Dog
150137 Chicken

3. What is your best talent?

150138 Shopping
150139 Chef
150140 Karate
150141 Being yourself

4. You're going for a walk when suddenly a man and a woman come running into you. What would you say?

150142 Be careful next time
150143 Watch where you are going
150144 Next time try to keep you eyes on the path
150145 You damaged my precious clothes

5. You wake up in the morning, and the first thing you say is?

150146 What a lovely day
150147 I'm hungry
150148 I don't want to get up
150149 Today is sales day

6. You find a $100 note on the ground. Wow! What do you do?

150150 Give it to someone who needs it
150151 Pick it up
150152 Use it to play games
150153 Buy a snack

7. What do you love the most out of these?

150154 Money
150155 Food
150156 My self
150157 Gangsters

8. If you saw someone crying, what would you do?

150158 Console him/her
150159 Ignore
150160 Give him/her money
150161 Offer food

9. Games you like to play

150162 Monopoly
150163 Fight Club
150164 House
150165 Any game

10. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you finish your exam?

150166 Have to go shopping
150167 Need a refill
150168 I am the best
150169 I want to kill the paper setter
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