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Signs Your Marriage Is Over Quiz

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Person get lots of signs when their marriage is in trouble . Signs tell the condition of their marriage . Sign are always real it don’t lie about anything. For example you don’t like to talk to your partner after any fight it increase your communication gap and due to this you make distance from your partner and it is a sign that your marriage in trouble you need to talk with each other. So if you feel wrong signs of your marriage and try to know more about it then take this quiz and find out the condition of your marriage.

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1. Does your partner compare you with any other person?

7651 Yes, with his/her mother
7652 No
7653 Yes, with his/her father
7654 Yes, with any relative

2. Does your partner have trust on you?

7655 Not at all
7656 Yes, always
7657 Sometimes, you feel it
7658 You wish that he/she do it

3. Does your partner take your advice on any work or decision?

7659 No, he/she feels that his/her opinion is best
7660 Yes, most of the time
7661 Sometimes, when he/she feels it
7662 Rarely

4. Does your partner still take an interest in your birthday celebration?

7663 No, he/she doesn't remember it
7664 Yes, he/she plan surprise for my birthday
7665 Sometimes
7666 Yes, but not all the time

5. Does your spouse feel sad when you are suffering from any bad situation?

7667 No
7668 Yes
7669 Most of the time
7670 Sometime

6. Does your spouse like outing with you in every weekend?

7671 No
7672 Yes
7673 Sometimes
7674 He/she used to but not anymore

7. Does your spouse still spend time with your family?

7675 No, he/she doesn't like my family
7676 Yes, always when you are with your family
7677 Sometimes
7678 Only when he/she feels like it

8. Does your spouse still give any compliment to you on your good look?

7679 He/she never do it
7680 Yes, every time you get compliment
7681 Yes, but maybe they want their privacy
7682 No

9. Does your partner still love you?

7683 No, not anymore
7684 Yes, you feel it by their action
7685 Yes, but you have your doubts
7686 No, you feel that he/she loves only your body

10. Do you still share your bed with your spouse?

7687 No, because you don’t feel comfortable
7688 Yes, you like it
7689 Yes, but not in regular basis
7690 Rarely
Let’s start the quiz

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