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Relationship Quiz For Couples To Take Together

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Questions & Options

1. What kind of relationship do you share with your partner?

34879 Lover
34880 Best friend
34881 Friend
34882 You don’t know

2. Who has more patience?

34883 You
34884 Your partner
34885 Both
34886 Hard to tell

3. Who spends more money on shopping?

34887 Of course you
34888 Your partner most of the time
34889 Nobody because you are very careful with your money
34890 You normally don't pay attention to these types of details

4. Who is more responsible in your relationship?

34891 Most of the time you
34892 Your partner
34893 You both are responsible
34894 No one

5. According to you, how many things do you have in common?

34895 Nine things, most hobbies
34896 Only one thing- the love for food
34897 One or two things, which have to do with your character
34898 Nothing

6. Who said I love you, to the other one first?

34899 Your partner
34900 You
34901 You don’t said it yet
34902 You don't intend to do so

7. Who is more romantic in your relationship?

34903 Of course Your partner
34904 Most of time you
34905 You both are too much romantic
34906 It's hard to tell

8. Who is more artistic between the two of you?

34907 Your partner
34908 You
34909 None of you like art
34910 Both of you, especially when it comes to music and paintings

9. Who is dominant in your relationship?

34911 Your partner
34912 You believe that it's you
34913 No one, because you both are equal
34914 Hard to say

10. Whose family is most supportive of the relationship?

34915 Your partner’s
34916 Yours
34917 Both families
34918 Your friends are more supportive than your family
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