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We all want to find the ideal entertainment in our lives, and we all want it to be delivered to us in the greatest manner possible. Apart from entertainment, we all enjoy being around successful individuals who can inspire us and give us more drive for life, which can only make us happier and happier. Have any of you heard of any popular YouTubers? Have we not? Naturally, we do! Everyone has watched a tonne of YouTubers, but can you really ignore our very own incredible Mr. Beast? We all began to believe in ourselves more thanks to the individual and his channel. Try this MrBeast quiz and see the results.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the name of the real creator of this channel?

A. Jomy

B. Jonas

C. James

D. Jimmy

2. What is the networth of Mr Beast?

A. $62 million

B. $45 million

C. $54 million

D. $21 million

3. What is the name of the ice cream brand owned by the creators?

A. Fiestas

B. Feastables

C. Sionetac

D. None of these

4. When was the creator of Mr Beast born?

A. 7 May 1998

B. 18 September 1998

C. 23 April 1998

D. 6 February 1998

5. Where did the creator tell about recent robbery in his house?

A. In a television chat show

B. Bane podcast

C. The great podcast

D. The yard podcast

6. What is the nationality of the creator of the show?

A. Indian

B. Canadian

C. American

D. Korean

7. Since when the has been active with his channel?

A. 2013

B. 2011

C. 2010

D. 2008

8. When did the first video was uploaded on the channel?

A. February 2012

B. March 2013

C. September 2011

D. Jully 2010

9. What is the genre of Mr beast's videos?

A. Comedy

B. Entertainment

C. Racing

D. All of them

10. What was one of the names of Mr Beast's channel?

A. The Name Speaks

B. Your Guy

C. That Dude

D. None of these

11. With whom did Mr. Beast sign the deal of Facebook & Snapchat?

A. Steve

B. Jellysmack

C. Hashhorse

D. Freddy

12. When did the channel launch their Philantrophy genre?

A. September 17, 2020

B. April 23, 2020

C. May 10, 2020

D. October 5, 2020


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