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How Romantic Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which location do you like for your wedding?

2632 Beach
2633 Hotel
2634 Church
2635 Home

2. Do you give a surprise by making breakfast for your partner?

2636 Yes of course
2637 Sometimes
2638 On any occasion
2639 Never

3. Which body part you prefer most of the time to kiss your partner?

2640 Lip
2641 Cheek
2642 Forehead
2643 Any part, no one is fixed

4. What are your friends view of point towards your nature?

2644 You are very romantic and they took suggestion from you
2645 You are good by nature
2646 You are very sh
2647 You are selfish

5. You believe in love at first sight or not?

2648 Yes
2649 May be because i hear a lot about it
2650 Yes but it is possible only that condition when i experience it
2651 No i don't believe on it

6. Do you give any pet name to your partner?

2652 Yes and i always call him/her with their pet name
2653 Yes but i used it occasionally
2654 Yes but i don't used it in front of him/her
2655 No

7. How you celebrate your anniversary?

2656 Give him/her surprise part
2657 Go for a trip
2658 Give special gift
2659 Give party at home

8. What kind of gift do you prefer to give your partner?

2660 Beautiful red roses
2661 Any kind of jewellery
2662 Coupon of a movie
2663 Expensive car

9. What you enjoy most with your partner?

2664 Kiss
2665 Cuddle
2666 Talking
2667 Sex

10. Do you remember your first kiss with your partner?

2668 Yes and i never forget it in my whole life
2669 Yes but i don't experience that passion again
2670 I don’t kiss my partner because i feel very uncomfortable
2671 No i don't remember it
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