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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft Corporation

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William Henry Gates III, who doesn't know about this person! The idol person of every individual in every country. The business personality every person dreams of working with, he is also a very amazing human being with great thoughts. He is also considered to be one of the most down to earth person with all the good deeds in life. Let us now have a look at this interesting trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about the billionaire Bill Gates!

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1. What is the birthdate of Bill Gates ?

35623 18 September 1950
35624 28 October 1955
35625 17 May 1957
35626 24 December 1967

2. What is the favorite color of Bill Gates ?

35627 Blue
35628 Black
35629 Red
35630 Voilet

3. What other field of interest is also stored in Bill Gates ?

35631 Driving
35632 Singing
35633 Author
35634 None of the above

4. What is the lucky number of Bill Gates?

35635 9
35636 5
35637 6
35638 1

5. What is the name of Bill Gate's company?

35639 Harley Davidson
35640 Microsoft Corporation
35641 Apple
35642 Both (b)&(c)

6. What is the networth of Bill Gates?

35643 12,444 crores
35644 15,789 crores
35645 9,456 crores
35646 10,490 crores

7. What is another interest of Bill Gates ?

35647 Poet
35648 Philanthropist
35649 Psychiatrist
35650 Sports

8. How many followers does Bill Gates have on Facebook ?

35651 29 million
35652 45 million
35653 19 million
35654 10 million

9. Where did Bill Gates got his education from?

35655 Oxford University
35656 American University
35657 Harvard University
35658 None of the above

10. How many children does Bill Gates have?

35659 1
35660 2
35661 3
35662 4

11. What is the quality of Bill Gates attracts people about him?

35663 Sports person
35664 Simple person
35665 Humanitarian
35666 Swimmer

12. Who is the best friend of Bill Gates ?

35667 Jeff Bezos
35668 Steve Jobs
35669 Mark Zukerberg
35670 Narendra Modi

13. What is the father's name of Bill Gates?

35671 William Henry
35672 Robert Frost
35673 Williamson Patrick
35674 Kayne West

14. Who is the idol of Bill Gates ?

35675 Mother
35676 Father
35677 Failures
35678 None of the above

15. When did Bill Gates started working ?

35679 1978
35680 1969
35681 1980
35682 1974
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