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Test Your Knowledge About Protoplasm! Protoplasm Trivia quiz

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Protoplasm is the soul of the cell because it is the living content present in the cell. All metabolic reaction takes place in protoplasm.

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1. Who introduces the term protoplasm?

8344 J.E Purkinje
8345 Henstein
8346 Altman
8347 Flemming

2. Who gives the protoplasm theory?

8348 Johannes Purkinje
8349 Henstein
8350 Altman
8351 Max Schaltze

3. Who gives the reticular theory?

8352 Max Schaltze
8353 Henstein
8354 Altman
8355 Johannes Purkinje

4. Who gives the fibrillar theory?

8356 Johannes Purkinje
8357 Wilson, fisher and Hardy
8358 Altman
8359 Flemming

5. Who gives the granular theory?

8360 Flemming
8361 Altman
8362 Wilson, fisher and Hardy
8363 Johannes Purkinje

6. Movement of protoplasm in the eukaryotic cell is…..?

8364 Cyclosis
8365 Plasmodesmata
8366 Middle lamella
8367 Duetoplasm

7. How many types of movement takes place in protoplasm?

8368 4
8369 3
8370 2
8371 5

8. Non-living material present in protoplasm is called…?

8372 Cyclosis
8373 Plasmodesmata
8374 Middle lamella
8375 Duetoplasm

9. In general, what is the ph. of the protoplasm?

8376 4.6
8377 7.2
8378 6.8
8379 2.5

10. Who uses the term protoplast for protoplasm?

8380 Johannes Purkinje
8381 Johannes Purkinje
8382 Altman
8383 Max Schaltze
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