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Quiz: What Potato Chip Flavor Am I?

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For every person, food is a basic necessity, and also the variety of food seen in this wonderful era has been tremendous!! Almost all snacks have been widely accepted and loved among people but one can never miss out on potato chips. Of course, we know fact that potato chips have several flavors that adds to its value. Do you know that the flavors you pick also has a lot to do with your personality? Have you ever thought about what your choice of flavor might tell about your personality? try out this very interesting quiz to see what flavor potato chip am I?

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1. What is your personality?

131801 Adventurous
131802 Quirky
131803 Calm
131804 Smart

2. Choose your favorite color?

131805 Red
131806 Yellow
131807 Blue
131808 Purple

3. What is your favorite flavor?

131809 Salty
131810 Bitter
131811 Tango
131812 Spicy

4. What is your favorite potato dish?

131813 Cutlet
131814 Fries
131815 Potato mash
131816 Potato Rolls

5. How might the last person you texted tell about you?

131817 Honest
131818 Cute
131819 Lovable
131820 Stubborn

6. What is your favorite drink?

131821 Soda
131822 Beer
131823 Mojito
131824 Fruit Juice

7. How often do you eat potato chips?

131825 Often
131826 Very Often
131827 Rarely
131828 Somewhat

8. Which type of sweet do you prefer?

131829 Ice Cream
131830 Pastry
131831 Cookies
131832 Chocolates

9. How often prefer dip with your chips?

131833 Rarely
131834 Often
131835 Very Often
131836 Somewhat

10. In a day, how many times do you prefer potato chips?

131837 1-2 times
131838 2-3 times
131839 3-4 times
131840 Literally every seconds

11. In which mood do you eat potato chips?

131841 Happy
131842 Sad
131843 Stressed
131844 Every mood
Let’s start the quiz

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