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How Nice Are You Quiz

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It is funny to know how nice you are. Any polite gestures, such as opening the door for a visitor, being respectful or loving others, make you good. Some people are super sweet, some of them aren't sweet and some of them hang in between. Are you a humble person and it is fun to be around or a rude guy. If your emotions are unclear, take this test to evaluate how nice you are.

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1. How many pals do you have?

83461 Lots
83462 A bunch of close friends
83463 None
83464 Only 2

2. What would you do when you see an elderly lady who needs help standing by you?

83465 Smile & offer her help
83466 Push her to make way
83467 Ask her to pass you kindly
83468 Ignore her

3. What will you do if anyone threatens you?

83469 Insult him/her back
83470 Give them a hard blow in the face
83471 Walk away
83472 Argue with him/her

4. Are you reserved or friendly?

83473 Reserved
83474 Friendly
83475 Hmm over-friendly
83476 A mix of both

5. If you'd be an animal, who would you be?

83477 Dog
83478 Cat
83479 Snake
83480 Crow

6. When you sneeze how would you react?

83481 Say “Excuse me” when you sneeze
83482 Cover your mouth with a disposable napkin
83483 I don’t care, it’s natural
83484 Say “Sorry” when you sneeze

7. What are you planning for your buddy’s birthday?

83485 Throwing a surprise party
83486 I am making a greeting card for him/her
83487 Already planned a nice, big gift
83488 I don’t care

8. You are about to pick a keychain which one will you pick?

83489 Skull & cross bone
83490 Smiley/ clown/ happy face
83491 Heart
83492 Symbol of peace

9. What you enjoy most?

83493 Humiliating others
83494 Playing with kids
83495 Long drive
83496 Chatting

10. If your little sister wants cookies kept on a high shelf what will you do?

83497 Bring it down for her
83498 Ask her to get by herself
83499 Put it on the lower shelf so that she takes it whenever she is hungry
83500 Take out some cookies on the plate and give her
Let’s start the quiz

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