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Urogenital System Of Vertebrates Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Urogenital System Of Vertebrates?

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The metabolic reaction occurring in animal body produces certain nitrogen containing material as ammonia, urea, uric acid etc. These materials are toxic to the body so they must be removed. This elimination of nitrogenous waste products from the animal body to regulate the composition of the body fluids and tissues is called excretion. The excretory system in vertebrates is closely associated with parts of reproductive system, particularly in males, so excretory and reproductive system together form Urogenital system All parts of the excretory system except for a few structure s near the terminal duct opening are mesodermal in origin. So, take this quiz and increase your knowledge about the urogenital system of vertebrates.

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1. Which one of the following is the most toxic excretory product?

40347 Ammonia
40348 Uric acid
40349 Urea
40350 Amino acid

2. Loop of Henle is found in ....

40351 Uriniferous tubules of rabbit
40352 Semniferous tubules of frog
40353 Uriniferous tubules of frog
40354 Seminiferous tubules of rabbit

3. Mesorchium is the mesentery which suspend......

40355 Ovary
40356 Testes
40357 Uterus
40358 Fallopian tube

4. Fallopian tube is a part of ....

40359 Ureter
40360 Vas deferens
40361 Urethra
40362 Oviduct

5. In rabbit, urea is a catabolic products of .....

40363 Nucleic acid
40364 Allantonic acid
40365 Amino acid
40366 Hippuric acid

6. In which of the following uterus is absent?

40367 Rabbits
40368 Dolphins
40369 Rats
40370 Aves

7. Female accessory glands are absent in all except ...

40371 Scoliodon
40372 Oryctolagus
40373 Rana
40374 Columba

8. What is the chemical nature of the white solid material usually found in pigeon's dropping?

40375 Urea
40376 Phosphate
40377 Glucose
40378 Uric acid

9. Which of the following is the the morphological and physiological unit of vertebrate kidney?

40387 Nephridia
40388 Seminiferous tubule
40389 Ureter
40390 Uriniferous tubule

10. Which organ is absent in dag fish?

40391 Loop of Henle
40392 Urinary bladder
40393 Both of these
40394 None of these

11. Trilobed kidney is a characteristic of .....

40395 Aves
40396 Reptiles
40397 Mammals
40398 Amphibians

12. Which gland helps in making the semen alkaline?

40403 Prostate
40404 Bartholine
40405 Cowper's
40406 Seminal vesicle
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