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How Much You Know About Phylum Nematoda? Phylum Nematoda Or Aschelminthes Or Helminths Trivia Quiz

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Phylum Nematoda is the largest phylum among pseudocoelomates and it is also known as roundworms. They have an organ-system level of organization. They have an unsegmented, round, tube-like body structure. They are free-living and parasitic and they have pseudocoelome which acts as a hydroskeleton. They have only longitudinal muscle fibers, circular muscles are absent so they have only restricted length. The body is covered with tough cuticle and syncytial epidermis. Locomotion takes place by contraction and relaxation of muscles. It is the first animal that has a complete alimentary canal and respiration takes place by general body surface. They reproduced through sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction is absent. So, take this quiz and increase your knowledge about phylum Nematoda or Aschelminthes or Helminths.

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1. The study of roundworms is called .....

35027 Ascariology
35028 Nematology
35029 Both of these
35030 None of these

2. Which of the following is used in ascariasis?

35031 Sunflower oil
35032 Castor oil
35033 Chenopodium oil
35034 None of these

3. Which of the following are the first animals to have a straight and complete alimentary canal?

35035 Arthropods
35036 Mammals
35037 Platyhelminthes
35038 Nematodes

4. What is common between a liver fluke and roundworm?

35039 Endoparasites of man
35040 Have pseudocoelom
35041 Have integument
35042 Have well formed muscular system

5. The appendages in nematodes are ....

35043 6 pairs
35044 3 pairs
35045 9 pairs
35046 Absent

6. Rippling is found in ....

35047 Fertilized egg
35048 Unfertilized egg
35049 Spermatozoa
35050 None of the above

7. The number of eggs laid daily by mature female Ascaris is about....

35051 2,000
35052 2,00,000
35053 20,000
35054 1,00,000

8. Eutyly is present in .....

35055 Nematoda
35056 Annelida
35057 Arthropoda
35058 Mollusca

9. The epidermis of Ascaris is ...

35059 Multicellular
35060 Columnar
35061 Cuboidal
35062 Syncytial

10. Hookworm is commonly known as ...

35063 Necator
35064 Ancylostoma
35065 Both of these
35066 None of these

11. No secondary host in the life history of ....

35067 Taenia
35068 Fasciola
35069 Plasmodium
35070 Ancylostoma

12. Number Of lips in Ascaris are .....

35071 Two
35072 One
35073 Three
35074 Four
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