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How Much You Know about Kingdom Animalia, Subkingdom Eumetazoa, Phylum Coelenterata or Cnidaria Trivia Quiz

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Coelenterates are aquatic mostly marine except Hydra and they mostly found in colonies and some are solitary. They have a tissue-level organization. They have a mouth but no head or brain. They are acoelomates and they exhibit blind sac body plans. They have an incomplete digestive system and they respire through the body surface. They show radial symmetry except for Meridium, it shows biradial symmetry. Nematoblast or Cnidoblast cells are the characteristic cells of this phylum. Nematoblast cells are formed by intestinal cells and later on when fully developed migrate to tentacles. They are stimulated mechanically and chemically. Once discharges they cannot be used again so they are merged back to the gastrovascular cavity where they are replaced by fresh nematoblast after every 48 hours. These cells are absent on basal disc and they inject poison to paralyze the prey. So, take this quiz and know more about phylum Coelenterata.

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1. Which of the following inhabit freshwater bodies?

34771 Hydrozoans
34772 Anthozoans
34773 Ctenophores
34774 Scyphozoans

2. Cnidarians are ...

34775 Only fresh water
34776 Only marine
34777 Aquatic
34778 Terrestrial

3. Portuguese man of war is ....

34779 Aurelia
34780 Physalia
34781 Pluerobranchia
34782 Obelia

4. Which part of the Hydra lacks nematoblasts?

34783 Pedal disc
34784 Stomach region
34785 Manubrium
34786 Tentacles

5. Aurelia generally known as ...

34787 Jelly fish
34788 Marine fish
34789 Jolly fish
34790 True fish

6. Hydra receives stimuli through....

34791 Nerve cells
34792 Nerve net
34793 Nematocytes
34794 Sensory cells

7. Which of the following has nerve cells but no brain?

34795 Protozoan
34796 Hydra
34797 Sponge
34798 Cockroach

8. The gas gland is present in ...

34799 Gorgonia
34800 Penatula
34801 Physalia
34802 Red coral

9. Hypnotoxin is ...

34803 Protein
34804 Lipid
34805 Carbohydrate
34806 Glycolipid

10. In Cnidaria, the balancing structures in medusa are ....

34807 Otoliths
34808 Statocysts
34809 Statoliths
34810 None of these

11. Excretion of nitrogenous waste in Hydra takes place through....

34811 Nephridia
34812 Flame cell
34813 Anus
34814 General body surface

12. In which of the following complete absence of medusa stage is found?

34815 Obelia
34816 Aurelia
34817 Metridium
34818 All of the above

13. Which one is bioluminescent?

34819 Aurelia
34820 Adamsia
34821 Astraea
34822 Metridium

14. Which of the following is a coral island?

34823 Iceland
34824 Srilanka
34825 Lakshadweep
34826 Mumbai

15. Cnidoblast is present in ....

34827 Epidermis
34828 Gadtrodermis
34829 Both of these
34830 None of these
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