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Quiz: How Much You Know About Edward Jenner?

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The Father of Immunology, Edward Jenner was an English surgeon and is well known around the world for the discovery of the World’s first successful vaccine of smallpox. Edward Jenner was born on May 17, 1749, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. Jenner’s discovery was a huge advancement in medical history and his work has saved more lives than the work of any other human. Jenner became a doctor in Berkeley in 1773 and on 14 May 1796 he inoculated eight-year-old James Phipps with cowpox from dairymaid, Sarah Nelmes and on 1 July Jenner inoculated the boy with smallpox matter, but James did not develop the disease, through this experiment he was able to develop a successful vaccine. In 1798 Jenner published the results of his research in the book “An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccine”. For his work, he received honorary degrees and commendations including a special medal from France, gift of a ring from the Empress of Russia, and a certificate of gratitude from North American Indian Chiefs. Edward Jenner died of a stroke in 1823 and Jenner has given his name to Jenner Day and the Jenner Institute in Oxford, which studies vaccines. Let's know more about Edward Jenner.

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1. When was Edward Jenner born?

106384 1732
106385 1749
106386 1745
106387 1789

2. What did Jenner invented?

106388 Vaccine for Cholera
106389 Aspirin
106390 Vaccine for smallpox
106391 Penicillin

3. How much money did Jenner get from the Government to open his first clinic?

106392 £100
106393 £1,000
106394 £10,000
106395 £100,000

4. Edward Jenner studied under whom in London?

106396 John Hill
106397 John Hunter
106398 Mark Hunter
106399 Mark Hill

5. Where was Edward Jenner born?

106400 Liverpool
106401 Chelsea
106402 Plymouth
106403 Berkeley

6. When did Edward Jenner publish his results?

106404 1790
106405 1785
106406 1798
106407 1780

7. Who tried to take away the credit from Jenner for the discovery of the smallpox vaccine?

106408 Sarah Nelmes
106409 George Pearson
106410 Henry Cline
106411 William Woodwillie

8. Who did Edward inoculate the cowpox matter on 14 May 1796?

106412 Richard Mather
106413 Ann Cotton
106414 Henry Cavendish
106415 James Phipps

9. When did Edward Jenner die?

106416 30 June, 1824
106417 15August, 1828
106418 23 November, 1826
106419 26 January, 1823

10. When was vaccination made free for infants?

106420 1840
106421 1876
106422 1854
106423 1847
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