Quiz: Are You Smarter Than 5th Grader?

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Do you think you have the intellect to be smarter than a 5th grader student? Do you think you can be counted in those smart adults who clearly can answer the questions that will prove them to be smarter than their juniors? Then this is the perfect time to prove yourself smarter than the 5th graders! We bring to you a very interesting quiz. Try it out if you want to prove yourself or want to test if you are actually smarter or not? So let us see Are you smarter than 5th grader?

Questions Excerpt

1. Choose the right sentence, The team ________ play basketball?

A. Did not want

B. Refusing to

C. Loved To

D. Thought about

2. Pick the correct way to close the letter?

A. Yours Truly!

B. Yours Truly,

C. Yours Truly.

D. Yours Truly:

3. If a car is traveling at 40 MPH, how long will it take to go 190 miles?

A. 3 hrs.

B. 4 hrs 30 mins

C. 4 hrs 45 mins

D. 3 hrs 15 mins

4. Find the number of nouns: The rabbit ran to the cafeteria and ate a big salad"

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

5. Which unit of measurement has "oz" as its abbreviation?

A. Ounces

B. Pounds

C. Liters

D. Oblongs

6. The human shoulder is ball and socket joint. Is it true or false?

A. False

B. True

C. Not sure

D. Both

7. Among seahorse, sea lion or sea urchin is a mammal?

A. Sea lion

B. Seahorse

C. Sea urchin

D. All of the above

8. Choose the continent that is least populated?

A. Asia

B. Antartica

C. Australia

D. Europe

9. From the late 1930s, what calendar date has been designated for the inauguration of a united states president?

A. January 1

B. January 15

C. January 20

D. January 23

10. What does A stand for in the initials of NASA?

A. American

B. Aeronautics

C. Association

D. Administration

11. Name the revolutionary leader who wrote the influential "Common Sense" in 1776?

A. John Locke

B. Thomas Paine

C. Abraham Lincoln

D. John Adams

12. Name the first satellite pulled into orbit by the United States?

A. Explorer

B. Titan

C. Mercury

D. Apollo


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