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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Keanu Reeves! How Much You Know About Keanu Reeves?

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Keanu Charles Reeves, one of the very amazing and very talented Canadian actors. Praised and loved by all, the Hollywood celebrity is a heartthrob for millions of women and the fan following of this talented actor is just gathered around the world. He is one of the very hardworking actors who is also a very kind person in general. He is an inspiration, an inspiration and for some their god since his personality is so down to earth and so enchanting that everybody loves him a lot and admires all the commendable performances. Let us now have a look at the very interesting trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about Keanu Reeves!

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1. What is the birthdate of Keanu Reeves?

40287 12 August 1965
40288 2 September 1964
40289 6 February 1963
40290 4 June 1962

2. What other profession does Keanu Reeves follow?

40291 Poet
40292 Painter
40293 Comedian
40294 Musician

3. What is the favorite TV show of Keanu Reeves?

40296 Game Of Thrones
40297 How I Met Your Mother
40298 Big Bang Theory

4. Who is the favorite character of Keanu Reeves?

40299 Joey
40300 Chandler
40301 Rachel
40302 Monica

5. What is the favorite color of Keanu Reeves?

40303 Blue
40304 Black
40305 Orange
40306 Red

6. What is the height of Keanu Reeves?

40307 1.89 meters
40308 1.88 meters
40309 1.87 meters
40310 1.86 meters

7. When did Keanu Reeves became active?

40311 1990
40312 1967
40313 1984
40314 1975

8. What is the nationality of Keanu Reeves?

40315 American
40316 Canadian
40317 Mexican
40318 French

9. What is the favorite food of Keanu Reeves?

40319 Sea Food
40320 Italian Food
40321 Mexican Food
40322 Chinese Food

10. What is the net worth of Keanu Reeves?

40323 $190 million
40324 $239 million
40325 $400 million
40326 $360 million

11. What was the name of wife of Keanu Reeves?

40327 Robert Miller
40328 Lisa Haydon
40329 Rhea Seth
40330 None of the above

12. What is the nationality of Keanu Reeves's father?

40331 American
40332 Canadian
40333 Chinese
40334 Mexican

13. What is the name of upcoming movie of Keanu Reeves?

40335 Men In Black
40336 Joker
40337 Bill & Ted Face The Music
40338 Stranger Things

14. What is the name of favorite movie of Keanu Reeves?

40339 Avengers
40340 Dawn Of The Apes
40341 Joker
40342 Men In Black

15. What is the name of daughter of Keanu Reeves?

40343 Ava Archer Syme Reeves
40344 Lisa
40345 Emilia Cathedite
40346 Ava Racher
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