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Are You Really Ready To Get Married Quiz

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Marriage is the best thing in human life & most of the people want to spend their life with the perfect life partner. Before the marriage we think about the many questions, like: how will my life partner behave with me after marriage or how will our life go in the future & many more. And also tries to get the solution of all different questions. Okay, do not worry & take this fun quiz, you will get an interesting result. (This is only about fun, do not take serious of the quiz result.)

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1. What are your bad habits that could ruin your future marriage?

38503 Drinking too much
38504 Being a little lazy
38505 Being addicted to watching web series
38506 You can’t really name one

2. Do you think your future spouse will not be able to stand about you?

38507 That you are a control freak
38508 That you like making fun of others
38509 That you are too controlling
38510 That you are too social

3. Are you very cool about your future spouse?

38511 Yes, I am very patient
38512 No, I am not enough
38513 A little bit
38514 No, comments

4. Are you selfish when it comes to love?

38515 Yes, very much
38516 You can be selfish sometimes
38517 Maybe
38518 No, you are not selfish at all

5. Are you hoping to get new things from your marriage?

38519 Yes, off course
38520 Probably
38521 You hope so
38522 You don’t think so

6. Will you do all the necessary work for save your future marriage?

38523 Yes, off course
38524 Not yet, because you have to get your mother’s approval
38525 May be soon
38526 No way, they’ll just have to get used to you and your drinking

7. Which quality do you have for a woman that could become your lovely wife one day?

38527 That she is honest
38528 That she is nice and not into alcohol
38529 That she is faithful and not gossiping to her ex
38530 You don’t know yet

8. What quality do you look for in a man?

38531 That he is honest
38532 That he is cool and not too close to his ex
38533 That he is loving and not drown into smoking on weekends
38534 You don’t really like them

9. Do you feel you should be mentally stable before getting married?

38535 Yes of course, it’s a necessary
38536 You are not loving, so it doesn’t apply to you
38537 Not, necessarily
38538 No, the other person will simply have to deal with you

10. Do you feel you should be physically stable before getting married?

38539 Of course, yes.
38540 Hey, if you don’t have it
38541 Not necessarily
38542 Yes, because you’ll get to afford more things with it.
Let’s start the quiz

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