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Quiz: Are You And Your Partner Compatible?

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In every relationship, compatibility is a key element to make a relationship successful and last longer. Do you think you are compatible with your partner? Or having in doubt since you always hear other people commenting on how "different" you both are? Most of us want to know your compatibility with our partner which is absolutely fine. Take this “are you and your partner compatible quiz” and clear your doubts regarding each other.

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1. Do you spend some quality time with your partner?

40791 Once in a week
40792 Regularly after office
40793 Not really
40794 I don’t think so

2. What activity do you love to do with your partner?

40795 Having love life conversation
40796 Watching tv
40797 Cook dinner together
40798 Do some outdoor activity

3. How is your sex life?

40799 Absolute stunning
40800 Good
40801 Not so good
40802 We hardly sex

4. What is the most romantic thing you have done for your loved one?

40803 Propose him on my friend’s birthday party
40804 Buy her a katty perry outfit
40805 Surprise her 26th bday with diamond necklace
40806 Nothing as such

5. Rate your sex life:

40807 5-7
40808 6-8
40809 8-9
40810 10

6. Do you like your partner’s dressing?

40811 Not really
40812 Yes
40813 I don’t like it
40814 Absolutely

7. From how many years you guys are dating each other?

40815 3 years
40816 5 years
40817 8 years
40818 7 years

8. Are you looking for a lifetime commitment?

40819 Yes
40820 Absolutely
40821 No
40822 I am confused

9. What're the similar things you share with your partner?

40823 We both are foodie
40824 Nothing
40825 Our choices are diverse
40826 We can’t share anything

10. Do you think you both are compatible with each other?

40827 No
40828 Yes
40829 I don’t know
40830 Confused
Let’s start the quiz

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