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Five Tips for Finding the Woman of Your Dreams in Your City

Love is an elusive sensation. For some men, romance just seems to happen naturally: you know, the type who marries their high school sweetheart? However, for the vast majority of us, things tend to take a bit more time (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). If you’re still on the quest for love and go through online dating websites or scan local bars in search of a perfect mature woman, then these five tips should help you to up your game. Of course, things won’t just magically fall into place: you need to put in some effort! Thankfully, following these tips will help ensure you’re putting all your effort into the right places. Ready to learn? Read on!

Determine What Your “Ideal Woman” Likes

Most men have at least a general idea of what their “ideal woman” looks like, but have you considered her personality? For example, when you go through local online dating websites, do you use filters and read bios to learn their interest, hobbies, and everything in between? Knowing you’d like to meet a local MILF and where to look for her is helpful only to a point. However, this only limits you to older women, which doesn’t really narrow down your potential partners very much; even on online dating sites, you would probably filter out half the ladies when you search for mature women over 30. Rather, are you looking for an artsy lady? An athletic one? Quiet? Outspoken? When beginning your search, it’s extremely important to consider her personality type (and, therefore, what she likes!). Not only will this help you hone in on your goals, but it can also help you find out where to look! Athletic women might be at the gym, shy girls could be in the library, hippie girls could be at a reggae concert. All of them usually indicate their personality traits in online dating profiles.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Everything is going well: you’ve been together for six months, are planning on moving in together, & you could swear you’re in love… and then your mature partner who treats life seriously checks your social media & finds an “offensive” post from three years ago! This could end in a couple of different ways. You could:

  • Apologize & hope she forgives you

  • Not apologize & wait for her to get over it

  • Not apologize & have her break up with you

None of these situations are really preferable. Fortunately, they’re also completely avoidable! If you haven’t recently, take the time to go back & screen your social media pages for potential arguments. Many platforms, including online dating sites, will let you set the audience (private or public), & some will even let you block specific people from seeing specific posts (or adjust the audience). Bear in mind that both young and mature women tend to check out social media if they’re interested in you. Don’t let such a silly mistake cost you a date: minimize risk proactively!

Double-check Your Wardrobe

“Looks don’t matter” is a nice sentiment, but it has its limitations. Things, such as physical appearance, can’t be changed easily, but changing what you wear is a simple change that nearly anyone can do! If you’re serious about finding the lady of your dreams, then you should take a closer look at your daily outfits: do you look like a bum? If not, then that’s a start, but it might not be enough! Ideally, you should fall short of a suit & tie but still look extremely clean & well-cut. As you’ve probably guessed, your “I ♥ Gaming” t-shirt & a pair of ripped-up jeans are not helpful when trying to attract mature women. Feel free to look online for some inspiration on the latest trends & styles to try!

Work on Your Flirting Skills

Mutual attraction might work with young gals, but every relationship with mature ladies starts with flirting. If you’re good at it, then you’ll have a much higher chance of success. If not, then you’ll be relying entirely on your natural charm to win over her heart. Finding “the one” is already challenging enough, so why not tip the odds in your favor? Most guys aren’t as good as they think they are at flirting; even if you think you’re great, it never hurts to get some practice in! We recommend going out to local social events & flirting casually with random ladies. You should be able to get some numbers, you’ll definitely get practice flirting, the risk of real “failure” is minimal, & you might even be able to make new friends out of the experience (or find “the one”)!

Get a Dog

This is less of a “tip” & more of a “life hack”: mature women love dogs! If you want to have ladies come up to you (rather than the other way around), picking up a cute puppy is an easy way to make this happen. Chances are, there are plenty of nearby locations for you to take your new dog or take a picture with a pup and post it in your online dating profile; all of it will no doubt introduce you to tons of new women! That said, remember that having a dog is a responsibility, so never pick up a puppy if you’re not prepared to care for your new, four-legged friend.

Everyone wants love, but not everyone has what it takes to find it. Don’t think of romance as a sprint; rather, consider it a long-distance run. It might take a bit to get there, but once you do, you’ll surely be happy you hung in there. Your perfect partner is out there waiting for you, so what are you doing still reading this article? Go find her—Happy dating!


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