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Quiz: Which Type Of Story You Like Most?

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Questions & Options

1. Which movie has set deep inside your heart?

60654 Mission Impossible
60655 Titanic
60656 Mr. Bean
60657 Seven Pounds

2. Which actor do you want to be like?

60658 Daniel Craig
60659 Leonardo DiCaprio
60660 Jim Carrey
60661 Bruce Campbell

3. Which background theme you used to set for your mobile phone?

60662 Flowers
60663 Music Instrument
60664 Hunter
60665 Jocker

4. Who is your Favorite cartoon character you want to be?

60666 Cinderella
60667 Aladdin
60668 Simbha: The Lion King
60669 Snow White

5. Which subject do you love to learn during your college time?

60670 English Literature
60671 History
60672 Philosophy
60673 Psychology

6. What you do when you see a dog stuck in traffic?

60674 Will behave like a hero in a Movie
60675 Will Stop the Traffic and attract public attention
60676 Will silently rescue dog
60677 Let dog stuck in traffic

7. How you behave when you see a dead person?

60678 Will panic
60679 Will remain calm and call police
60680 Will try to investigate
60681 Will avoid and move on our way

8. Which genre of music do you love to hear?

60682 Slow and soft music
60683 Loud DJ music
60684 Spiritual music
60685 Folk Music

9. Which type of chair do you want to décor your home?

60686 Arm chair
60687 Garden Chair
60688 Throne
60689 Beans bag
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