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Which Social Justice Hero Are You Quiz

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Social justice is something that every person needs and many people are still fighting for. From the past few decades, there have been several questions about social justice and several social justice heroes are being considered by millions of people. Have you ever thought about what if you might have some traits like these heroes? But which hero? Are you a copy of your ideal hero? You might be eager to know Which Social Justice Hero Are You? Try out this very interesting and amazing quiz and get your answers!!

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1. Which word suits your personality?

96646 Generous
96647 Quirky
96648 Smart
96649 Intelligent

2. Do you think justice is important?

96650 Yes!
96651 Not always
96652 Somewhat
96653 Depends

3. Who according to you is your ideal hero?

96654 Teresa Chang
96655 Brad lander
96656 Paty Castellanos
96657 Lucas Benitez

4. Pick a quote?

96658 Plan and them move
96659 Listen to your heart
96660 Decide with your guts and trust
96661 Follow your passion

5. Have you ever participated in a protest?

96662 Never
96663 Once
96664 Quite Often
96665 A lot

6. How long it has been since you've protested?

96666 6 months
96667 More than 6 months
96668 Less than 6 months
96669 I have never participated in a protest

7. Do you think protests are the best source of justice?

96670 Not at all
96671 Always
96672 Somewhat
96673 Unsure

8. Are you comfortable with peaceful protests?

96674 I love it
96675 Somewhat
96676 Depends
96677 Not much

9. Pick the issue that has annoyed a lot?

96678 Equal Rights
96679 Poverty
96680 Environmental
96681 Peace/ Non-violence

10. How much do you engage in political matters?

96682 As often as I can
96683 Always
96684 Not much
96685 Never

11. How do you think people might remember you?

96686 Caretaker
96687 Tree Hugger
96688 Activist
96689 Peacemaker

12. Pick your dream?

96690 Greener planet
96691 Equal opportunities for everyone
96692 Everyone has exactly something that they need
96693 Peace Everywhere
Let’s start the quiz

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