Quiz: Which Red Velvet Summer Song Best Describes Your Personality?

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Music is the best therapy session for any person. Any person can soothe or calm their mood with music. Another love for music increases through Music Bands. You might have heard of the very fine music band Red Velvet, which is a very amazing girl group that has sung a lot of amazing songs. There are several summer songs that have been sung by the group. have you ever thought which song of the group might relate to your personality? Will it actually justify your personality? You might be eager to know Which Red Velvet Summer Song Best Describes Your Personality? Try out this very interesting quiz and get to know your answers!!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you like to dance?

A. Often

B. Very Often

C. Somewhat

D. Rarely

2. How will your friends describe you?

A. Shy

B. Ambitious

C. Loyal

D. Caring

3. Choose your favorite Red Velvet Bias?

A. Wendy

B. Selugi

C. Joy

D. Yeri

4. Pick what describes your personality?

A. Understanding and sympathetic

B. Independent and sophisticated

C. Fun loving and playful

D. Optimistic and easy going

5. Pick the place you want to visit the most?

A. France

B. Italy

C. Japan

D. Hong Kong

6. Which is your favorite girl group, other than Red Velvet?





7. If you lost any of your valuables, how will you respond?

A. Retrace your steps

B. Cry

C. Rant about it on social media

D. Brush it off like nothing happened

8. Who is your favorite animal?

A. Penguin

B. Cat

C. Flamingo

D. Dog

9. What is your opinion about cute concepts?

A. Don't mind them

B. They're my favorite

C. Not really my thing

D. Not sure

10. On a deserted island, what will you bring?

A. Camera

B. Nice outfit

C. Good look

D. Sunscreen

11. What was your favorite subject in school?

A. English

B. History

C. Math

D. Arts

12. Choose your favorite track by Red Velvet?

A. Zimzalabim

B. Carpool

C. Be Natural

D. About Love


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