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Which Rapper Are You Quiz

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Music has always been a stress buster to millions of people. The advancement in the music industry has been rising for a long time and has always made us more connected with the music. The rapping in recent times has also taken a spurt that is being proven as an advantageous advancement to music. There are of course several rappers that have established their names among all their fans. Have you ever thought about which rapper you might be based on your personality? Try out this very interesting quiz and see Which Rapper Are You?

Let’s start the quiz

1. What is your personality?

128757 Generous
128758 Adventurous
128759 Quirky
128760 Resourceful

2. How often do you like partying?

128777 Rarely
128778 Often
128779 Somewhat
128780 Very often

3. How creative are you on a scale of 1-10?

128781 5
128782 8
128783 10
128784 3

4. What is your strength?

128785 Leadership
128786 Victory
128787 Patience
128788 Unity

5. How would you have spent $1million?

128789 Weed
128790 Give to charity
128791 Gift your parents something
128792 Use for yourself

6. If you see someone seeking help, will you help them?

128793 Never
128794 Too stoned to care
128795 Always
128796 Would laugh at them

7. What type of person according to you are?

128797 Stoner
128798 Chill person
128799 Jock
128800 The person everyone likes

8. What you might be doing at a club?

128801 Sitting in VIP room
128802 Meet new people
128803 Talking to everyone
128804 Dancing and drawing attention

9. Choose the topics that you would like to write?

128805 All about me
128806 Drugs and sex
128807 Life and love
128808 Important issues in the society

10. What interests you a lot?

128809 Giving to community
128810 Being around my family
128811 Myself
128812 Being a rebel

11. Who is your favorite rapper?

128813 Kendrick lamar
128814 Rakim
128815 Lauryn Hill
128816 Lil Wayne

12. What is your favorite music genre?

128817 Pop
128818 Rock
128819 Rap
128820 Hip Hop
Let’s start the quiz

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