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Quiz: Which Avengers: Infinity War Character Are You?

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Do you like to watch movies? Are you a movie person who just wishes to watch movies every time and pacify others too? Do you prefer watching action movies a lot? If yes, then you must be loving Avengers: Infinity War? Well, of course, who doesn't like this movie? The movie that took everyone's heart and got love from all over the world? Do you also like the characters of the movie? Has this thought ever crossed your mind what if you were a character of the movie? How might your life be like? How would you have tackled everything? For all the Avengers fans, we bring a very interesting trivia quiz which might get you the result of which avengers: infinity war character are you?

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1. What is your personality?

115664 Generous
115665 Adventurous
115666 Quirky
115667 Frowny

2. It's been long since the Battle of New York? What might be your next plans?

115668 Working on some new tech
115669 Running secret missions for my agency
115670 looking for a new home with my people
115671 Living off the grid

3. Where you might be when you got a call about Thanos?

115672 New York
115673 Asgard
115674 Ireland
115675 Wakanda

4. Choose your favorite infinity stone?

115676 Time
115677 Space
115678 Vision
115679 Soul

5. Where would you like to go if there was a team to beat Thanos in your part?

115680 Titan
115681 Wakanda
115682 Vormir
115683 Nidavellir

6. Pick the member of Thanos Black Group that you are taking on first?

115684 Supergiant
115685 Covrus Glaive
115686 Black Dwarf
115687 Proxima Midnight

7. Choose your favorite newly-invented weapon for wielding?

115688 Infinity Gauntlet
115689 Stormbreaker
115690 Prosthetic Vibranium Arm
115691 Quad Blasters

8. WHo had the best technology?

115692 iron man
115693 Guardians of Galaxy
115694 Thanos
115695 Shuri

9. Who will you first call for help when you come to know the fate of the world and Avengers are hanging at the balance?

115696 X-Men
115697 Daredevil
115698 Luke Cage
115699 Captain Marvel

10. Choose the new avengers member that amazed you the most?

115700 Dr. Strange
115701 Groot
115702 Spider Man
115703 The winter soldier

11. According to you, which new Avengers member was a complete failure?

115704 Star Lord
115705 Hulk
115706 The Falcon
115707 Vision

12. When turned into dust, which Avengers member was saddest for you to see faded?

115708 Spider Man
115709 Winter Soldier
115710 Scarlet Witch
115711 Black Panther
Let’s start the quiz

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