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When Will I Get Married Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What type of partner choice you have?

711 caring and loving
712 humorous
713 strong and independent
714 no choice

2. What is expectation about marriage function?

715 Simple ceremony
716 Big fat wedding
717 Court marriage only
718 Depends on time and situation

3. What flavor you like in ice-creams?

719 Strawberry
720 Blueberry
721 Vanilla
722 Chocolate

4. How much people gathering you want in your wedding?

723 Close friends and family
724 Family persons only
725 Secret wedding
726 Lots of people to bless us

5. What do feel about the term “wedding”?

727 It is a bond to become one
728 Social acceptance
729 Doesn’t matter
730 Lovely ritual

6. What will be your reaction if you are purposed by the person of your choice?

731 May be I will say “yes”
732 I will take some time to think over the proposal
733 Not sure
734 Will accept on the spot

7. Which city you want to travel for honeymoon?

735 Paris
736 Italy
737 Singapore
738 London

8. Which flower do you like from the following?

739 Rose
740 jasmin
741 lily
742 daisy
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