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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Everyone is different, having a unique character. The year and month in which you were born to affect many aspects of one’s personality. It is easier for people to understand you better if they know your year of birth. And, in the same way, it is easier for you to understand someone from their birth year. Are your choices met the year of your birth? Let’s find out. Well, answer a few questions in the following personality quiz and discover.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your favorite music genre-

A. Hip-hop

B. Classic

C. Pop

D. Metal

2. Do people say you are a fighter?

A. Yes, I have been part of many protests

B. No, I am a calm person

C. They say I sometimes become aggressive

D. Don’t know

3. Which TV show makes you crazy even today?

A. Catastrophe

B. The super

C. Hill Street Blues

D. I don’t like TV shows

4. You wish for-

A. Success

B. Million-dollar worth

C. Travel the world

D. Social media king/queen

5. Do you have a VCD/VHS/DVD player at home?




D. All three

6. What will be your advice to anyone in love?

A. It is a ridiculous thing

B. I am here to help you in need

C. It is a wastage of time

D. Friends don’t ask me

7. Do you prefer exploring new bars, restaurants, and hotels?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Often not

8. According to others, what is your negative point?

A. I am too sensitive

B. I overreact

C. I get stressed easily

D. I’m impulsive

9. Do you accept changes?

A. Yes, changes are a part of life

B. No, I don’t accept changes easily

C. I am always excited about it

D. I am cautious of changes

10. How frequently do you check your social media account?

A. Everyday

B. Once a week

C. What social media?

D. Once in months


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