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Are You A Baby Or An Adult Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How good are you in believing your instincts?

154155 Always trust instinvts only
154156 Don't trust all this
154157 Went wrong many times
154158 Depends on the facts

2. What is your sleep routine?

154159 Regulary on time
154160 Sleep late night
154161 When finish my work
154162 Irregular sleep at night

3. What will be your answer if you are asked if the jug is half empty or half full?

154163 Half Empty
154164 Half Full
154165 What's the point of this question
154166 Try to escape from this question

4. What will be your preference while spending weekends?

154167 To read books
154168 To spend time with friends
154169 To do pending work
154170 To take rest

5. What do you like the most to watch/listen to?

154171 Movies
154172 News
154173 Series
154174 Songs

6. If you are at a party but you are complete stranger there what would you prefer to do?

154175 Try to make new friends
154176 Will immediately exit from that party
154177 Enjoy with strangers
154178 Enjoy alone

7. When you have any new achievement big or small what do you do instantly?

154179 Feel Proud
154180 Try to tell to maximum people around
154181 Flaunt about it
154182 Just feel as got something in return of your hard work

8. What do you feel about Monday morning and waking early after the weekend?

154183 Fresh
154184 Irritating
154185 To get back to weekend
154186 Excited for the work

9. How well are you familiar with the knowledge of stars and the universe?

154187 No Idea
154188 Only look them
154189 Just know few names of stars
154190 Aware about major constellations

10. What type of clothes do you like the most?

154191 Clothes with band names
154192 Clothes with slogans
154193 Simple clothes
154194 Anything
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