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Are You In An Unhappy Marriage Quiz

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Marriage is a process in which two people make their relationship public and official. Everyone thinks about happy marriage life but it is not possible in every marriage. Lots of marriage end with bitter experience because people not feel good and happy. They thought marriage is the biggest mistake of his/her life. So, take this quiz and know in what type of marriage are you?

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1. In a day how many times you call each other?

6072 Several times during a day
6073 At least 3 times a day.
6074 At least once a day.
6075 Almost never.

2. Which thing you like most in your partner?

6076 Their truth worthiness
6077 Their looks
6078 Their personality
6079 Almost nothing

3. How many times you go for outing with your partner in a month?

6080 Almost every weekend.
6081 Almost every 3 days.
6082 Once a month.
6083 It’s been a while since you’ve done so.

4. According to you how many things are common in you and your partner?

6084 So many that you’ve lost count.
6085 A few things.
6086 One thing, food.
6087 Nothing.

5. Who are more aggressive in relationship?

6088 Him
6089 Her
6090 Both of you do.
6091 You don’t know

6. What is the main point of argument between you and your partner?

6092 Politics
6093 Money
6094 Where to go and have fun
6095 Almost nothing

7. How many times you have argument with your partner?

6096 Once a day.
6097 Many times, during the day.
6098 As soon as you meet.
6099 Almost never.

8. When you say I love you to your partner?

6100 All the times.
6101 After sex.
6102 After hanging up the phone.
6103 It’s been a while since you’ve done so.

9. According to you how many times intimacies is good and pleasurable?

6104 All the time.
6105 During weekends
6106 Once every month
6107 Almost never
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