Quiz - Which Mighty Ducks Character Are You?

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Parents must be aware that The Mighty Ducks is a 1992 movie about a ragtag group of young hockey players and their selfish lawyer coach who learn valuable lessons in teamwork, doing your best, and having fun while playing a sport as opposed to winning at any and all costs. The Mighty Ducks was founded by The Walt Disney Company. The team's original name was chosen from the 1992 Disney movie The Mighty Ducks, based on a group of misfit kids who turn their losing youth hockey team into a winning team. The Mighty Ducks is also known as Champions in Australia, even though this Australian title seems to be a spoiler alert, it was apparently a marketing decision. The Mighty Duck is an excellent movie for children over seven years old and adults.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which word describes you the best?

A. Brave

B. Romantic

C. Optimist

D. Kind

2. What do you mostly think or what goes through your mind in your spare time?

A. Time Travel

B. Plan upcoming weekend

C. Thinks about past mistakes

D. Future and Career

3. What you feel is the most dislike thing for you about yourself?

A. Odour

B. Fat

C. Less Hair

D. Less Height

4. Which thing do you value the most?

A. Social media account

B. Job

C. Friends/Family

D. Mobile

5. If you could relive any decade which would you like to live in?

A. 1970s

B. 1980s

C. 1990s

D. 2000s

6. Which social media do you prefer to use the most?

A. Instagram

B. Facebook

C. Twitter

D. WhatsApp

7. Which cuisine do you like the most?

A. Indian

B. Chineese

C. Mexican

D. Italian

8. Which Earth element enchants you most?

A. Rain

B. Land

C. Sky

D. Fire

9. If someone is being mean to you what would you do?

A. Ignore them

B. Yell at them

C. Get Revenge

D. Act like everything is good

10. What would you be your go-to on the weekends?

A. Party

B. Go for movie

C. Hangout with friends

D. Sleep and rest

11. What type of conspiracy theory do you believe to be true?

A. God


C. Illuminati Controls everything

D. We live in Giant Eye

12. With whom would you like to go for a date?

A. Chris Hemsworth

B. Gal Gadot

C. Taylor Swift

D. Harry Styles


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