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Quiz: What Country Am I?

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The World is composed of 195 countries. Out of these 118 countries were born (gained independence) after World War 2. As human knowledge grows and technology advances there are changes that countries start to merge again. One should always be proud of the country he/she belongs to and should work to contribute to the development of the nation. Keeping that in mind here is a 10 question quiz on what country I am?

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1. Which continent do you belong to?

52830 America
52831 Asia, Australia
52832 Europe
52833 Africa

2. Which country do you belong to?

52834 India
52835 Pakistan
52836 America
52837 Others

3. Your country is -

52838 Democratic
52839 Republic
52840 Dictatorship
52841 Others

4. Are you living in the same country you were born in?

52842 Yes
52843 Yes, but planning to move
52844 No, I have moved to another country
52845 I am a refugee

5. Which country among the following would you like to visit once in your lifetime?

52846 India
52847 Singapore
52848 Switzerland
52849 New Zealand

6. Which according to you is the best country among the following?

52850 Sweden
52851 Canada
52852 Australia
52853 Switzerland

7. Do you like the governance of your country?

52854 Yes, absolutely
52855 Yes, probably
52856 No, to some extent
52857 No, absolutely

8. If given a chance, would you like to join the politics of your country?

52858 Yes, absolutely
52859 Yes, but after some time
52860 No, my family won't allow
52861 No, I don't like politics
Let’s start the quiz

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