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What You Want To Be In Future Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which is the most played game of your childhood?

5952 Hospital
5953 School
5954 Office
5955 Business

2. What people do come to you for ?

5956 Take suggestions and advices
5957 To chill out and have fun
5958 To discuss things
5959 For the description of any concern

3. At what bases do you make your decisons in your life?

5960 Logically
5961 Analytically
5962 Emotionally
5963 Practically

4. If you have gone out for outing with your friends and you found something unhygenic then how would you react over it?

5964 Find a way to comfort yourself and others too with full enjoyment
5965 Blame others and make faces spoiling everone's mood
5966 Show off your money and ask to go somewhere else
5967 Explaining others importance of hygiene

5. Are you involved socially with others in your life?

5968 Agree
5969 Disagree
5970 Strongly agree
5971 Strongly disagree

6. Which is the best way you feel motivated ?

5972 Read books
5973 Think positive
5974 Plan to chill
5975 Setting and achieving goals

7. What type of atmoshphere do you prefer to be a part of ?

5976 People around you always
5977 People around you for a limited time span
5978 Isolated
5979 Stay with only people whom you like to spend time with

8. Which three words describe your future plans best?

5980 Healthy,wealthy,Satisfied
5981 Wealthy,Moneyed,Busy
5982 Fun,Wealthy,Healthy
5983 Healthy,wealthy,busy

9. What money meqan to you in your life goals?

5984 Living
5985 Need
5986 Desire
5987 Everything

10. Which is at priority for you to your life?

5988 Health
5989 Money
5990 Family
5991 Satisfaction
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