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Career Quiz: What Career Should I Choose

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Choosing a career major is a huge life decision, and should not be made much consultation and discourse with guardians, tutors, and scholarly consultants. To ease your worry, here we have joined a few questions according to your advantage region, so answer these and discover what your profession major should be!

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1. What’s your age?

12621 18 to 24 years old
12622 30 to 35 years old
12623 Below 18 years
12624 Above 35 years old

2. What’s the best characteristic about you?

12625 My ability to solve problems
12626 My work ethic
12627 My sense of creativity and humor
12628 My friendly personality

3. If you decide to conduct some community service, where do you choose to serve?

12629 Work the sound-board for a church play
12630 Assist local kids with crafts
12631 Visit the neighborhood nursing home and talk with inhabitants
12632 Construct houses in the intercity

4. How do you usually make friends?

12633 We just start talking
12634 Friends that have the same interests as I do
12635 By introducing myself
12636 By Hobbies and extracurricular activities

5. What’s your taste in music?

12637 Anything that has a good beat!
12638 The latest and greatest by mainstream artists!
12639 I appreciate just about anything
12640 I don't have a preference

6. What’s your much-loved subject?

12641 Art
12642 Gym
12643 Social Studies
12644 English

7. Which section of the movie do you scope out first?

12645 Drama
12646 Action
12647 New Releases
12648 Comedy

8. Where would you go on a road trip to?

12649 New York City checks out the museums and experience city life
12650 Salt Lake City, Utah for some major ski and hike time
12651 Hollywood, California to see the stars
12652 Florida to visit the amusement parks like Universal Studios and hit the beach

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

12653 Starting my own business
12654 Working for myself
12655 Administrating/Managing a company
12656 Being successfully employed

10. Which problem is the easiest for you to solve?

12657 Choosing music for a video project
12658 Settling a dispute between friends
12659 Cleaning your disc drive on your laptop
12660 Not interested
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