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Are You In the Wrong Career Quiz

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Career is the not only mend to earn our living, rather the career we choose is responsible for our well-being, internal peace, basically career is something that demonstrates our life goals, our personality, our interests. The career we choose for ourselves is responsible for our mental peace, balanced life, and maintained status. Therefore, we should always be careful in choosing the right career of us so that it proves to be constructive for us and never results to be destructive to us for ourselves or society.

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1. When you are at work which word can describe your situation in the best form?

99871 Exhausted
99872 Comfortable
99873 Adjusting
99874 Responsible

2. If we talk about your performance review feedback by your boss then what it will be?

99875 Excellent
99876 Average
99877 Satisfactory
99878 Not good

3. State any one reason you would love to continue your current job?

99879 Stepping ladder to success
99880 Good salary bracket
99881 Satisfied
99882 No option

4. Does your current job let you get time for yourself?

99883 Yes
99884 No
99885 Mostly it is difficult
99886 Depends over the work flow

5. What impact do you have over your personality through your job?

99887 Inspirational
99888 Motivational
99889 Depressed
99890 Confident

6. What is your prospect for job hunting?

99891 If get better opportunity
99892 Desperately looking for something
99893 Not open for new role
99894 Not given thought to it

7. Does your job make you learn new things?

99895 Yes
99896 No
99897 Sometimes
99898 Don't feel so

8. What thing makes you stay back with your work?

99899 Pressure
99900 Passion
99901 Money
99902 Routine

9. How excited mostly you are on Sunday nights or on your day-off night?

99903 Refreshed
99904 Drenched
99905 Scary
99906 Planning for a week ahead

10. How do you take your current job as?

99907 Opportunity
99908 Option
99909 Money Provider
99910 Passionate
Let’s start the quiz

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