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Quiz: What Type Of Underwear Should You Wear? Only For Girls

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Every person has their own personal choices which are not belonging to any of the judgments Of course, when talking about personal things, we can't miss out on the underwear that we wear. Everything you wear has to do with your personality and your mindset. Has this thought ever crossed your mind that which type of underwear might suit you based on your personality? Try out this very interesting and amazing quiz to see What Type Of Underwear Should I Wear? Get to know more about your personality and the answer whether you are into the right brand!!

Let’s start the quiz

1. How often do you wear leggings?

128989 Often
128990 Very often
128991 Somewhat
128992 Rarely

2. Do you like to be sexy?

128993 Somewhat agree
128994 Disagree
128995 Agree
128996 Somewhat disagree

3. How often do you feel comfortable with your body?

128997 Often
128998 Very often
128999 Somewhat
129000 Rarely

4. How often do you maintain a healthy weight?

129001 Somewhat
129002 Very often
129003 Rarely
129004 Often

5. How often are you worried about riding the underwear?

129005 Somewhat
129006 Rarely
129007 Often
129008 Very often

6. Are you old fashioned?

129009 Agree
129010 Somewhat disagree
129011 Agree
129012 Somewhat agree

7. How often do you wear the same kind of underwear?

129013 Often
129014 Rarely
129015 Very often
129016 Somewhat

8. How often do you want to change your style?

129017 Often
129018 Somewhat
129019 Rarely
129020 Very often

9. How often do you look to excite your partner?

129021 Often
129022 Somewhat
129023 Rarely
129024 Very often

10. Do you need underwear that can be worn anytime?

129025 Yes
129026 Not at all
129027 Maybe
129028 Not sure

11. How often do you workout?

129029 Often
129030 Very often
129031 Somewhat
129032 Rarely

12. How often do you lounge around in your undies?

129033 Very often
129034 Often
129035 Somewhat
129036 Rarely
Let’s start the quiz

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